I Bought a New Camera

Just a quick one to say I bought a new camera. I realised I was due an upgrade and because I want to start doing vlogs and YouTube videos, it would be helpful to have an articulated screen.
Also the camera I have been using over the years was a bit clunky, I need something compact and powerful for the upcoming trips.

After a little bit of research I decided I wanted the G7X.
I didn’t get it.
Because I don’t see myself as a photographer and I’m new to this, I thought a safe bet would be to get something that wasn’t top of the range, but still ticked all the right boxes.

  1. Articulated screen
  2. Compact size
  3. Manual and auto settings
  4. 1080p video
  5. Good enough pictures

After watching countless video reviews by other YouTubers I settled on the Nikon S9900.

Here’s an unedited zoomed in picture I took using the camera while on a ride over the weekend.


pendle hill




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