How To Wear A Neck Warmer

Neck Warmers, Buffs, snoods, whatever you want to call them, they are useful!
I prefer the first one so let me show you how to wear a neck warmer.


What are they?

Seamless microfibre polyester tubes of fabric that can be worn in a number of ways to provide warmth, take sweat away from the body and offer some degree of protection from the wind.
At around 35 grams they are one of the most versatile and lightweight essentials you can take on any sort of adventure travel – whether that be cycling, motorsports, skiing, hiking or anything that involves the outdoors.



Buff is the biggest manufacturer and so a lot of people call all examples a Buff, but the reality is there a lot of other branded and non branded neck warmers that do the same job.
I own some Buff branded neck warmers but I also have some cheaper ones found on Ebay for around £2. They all seem to do the same job but in different colours and patterns to match your look.

Apart from just extra warmth and wind protection, they also have a few other surprising uses that really make them worth packing for your trip – at zero extra weight or space.

Let’s look at some other uses for a neck warmer, and let’s not forget that these come at zero extra weight or space.


Water Filter.

If you ever need to use water from a stream while wild camping or hiking, a neck warmer can go some way towards filtering out the debris.
When filling up your Camelbak or water bottle hold a small area of the neck warmer over the mouth of the vessel and submerge. It will stop any unwanted bits getting in and the neck warmer will dry really quickly too.
Of course, you probably should use sterilisation tablets to clean the water too.


Well this needs no explanation. I can’t say I’ve ever used mine as such, but if you’re in a pickle it will absorb some water.


Pillow Case.

I like to use a blow up pillow that I bought from a local £1 shop when I camp, and putting it inside my neck warmer provides a little extra comfort and cleanliness.
Alternatively, if you don’t have a pillow you could roll up some clothing and wrap them in the neck warmer. Hey presto you have a pillow! It will keep the rolled up clothes together if you move around a lot in the night and give you the extra comfort you need.


Let’s conclude.

All in all I think these are an essential bit of kit. Small, light, cheap and multifunctional – Ticks every box!
I stuff one into my pocket pretty much everywhere I go and you’d do well to have one handy whenever you’re travelling.

Pick yourself up the original Buff branded ones here or have a look for cheaper alternatives on Ebay etc, you won’t regret it.


Finally, here is a video of a Ukrainian girl showing you plenty of ways to wear a neck warmer, including as a makeshift bra!


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