The Craziest Motorcycle Stunts Ever

Here we look at a handful of the craziest motorcycle stunts ever!

Ever since the first wheelie, adrenaline craving stunt riders have been pushing the boundaries of what’s capable on two wheels.

From the heyday of the infamous Wall Of Death in the 1930’s, the memorable Evel Knievel era of the 70’s, to the modern day legends like Robbie Maddison, let’s remember some of the craziest stunts!


Spending New Year With Maddo.


Perhaps the most iconic and viewed stunt of recent times is the legendary Robbie Maddison breaking the world motorcycle jump record in Las Vegas – travelling 98.34m.
The jump up onto the Las Vegas Arc De Triomphe was impressive enough, but it was his drop back down onto the ramp that makes your heart stop.



The Legend Of Caesars Palace Fountains.


Exactly 40 years before Robbies Arc De Triomphe jump, the king of stunt riding Evel Kneivel was also in town hoping to be the first person to jump the fountains at Caesars Palace.
Luck wasn’t on his side that day and his Harley Davidson clipped the landing ramp, throwing Evel awkwardly onto his back.
He broke over 40 bones, put himself in a coma and never attempted it again.

The next person to tackle the fountains was Gary Wells, and it ended a lot worse for him.
He broke his back, both legs, collapsed both of his lungs and it literally tore his heart – but he somehow survived.
He later blamed the failure on someone moving the landing ramp throughout the night.

Enter Robbie Knievel.
Evel’s son Robbie thought he could tame the beast so he attempted it a few years later.
The 170 ft jump was bigger than anything he had done before but the stunt Gods favoured Robbie that day.
He did it.
Robbie avenged his father and the Caesars Palace fountains were finally beaten.



The Only Female Wall Of Death Rider In The World.


There have been a lot of professional Wall Of Death riders since it’s inception in the 1920’s, but let’s look at my favourite.

Kerri Cameron is reportedly the only female Wall Of Death stunt rider in the world. She had never rode a motorcycle before when she turned up for the job interview.
I’m not sure about you, but I reckon if Kerri Cameron had balls they would look something like this…

big pig balls

I quite like that a lot of guys watching the Luke Fox Original Wall Of Death show assume she is only in the barrel as a bit of eye candy.. until she gets on the bike!

Check out a short video about her below as she explains a little more about her sudden career change.



Doing The Double.


You can’t do a motorcycle stunt article without mentioning Travis Pastrana.
Travis’s list of records and achievements is longer than a giraffes neck. Possibly most famous as one of the greatest X Games participants but is also making waves in the rally car scene.

Here is the unforgettable moment he pulled off the first ever double backflip in competition, sending the comentators and fans into a frenzy.



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