Coworking Spaces, Is It The Future?

Various studies have shown that venues opening as coworking spaces have doubled year after year in the last ten years.
Why is this, how can you get involved and is it the future of working?

Essentially a coworking space is an area where individuals share a common working space but work independently on their own projects.
This is particularly appealing to freelancers, work-at-home professionals, artists and just about anyone who works remotely.

Working from home or on your own can bring a feeling of isolation and loneliness.
Working, eating and living in the same space can result in ‘cabin-fever’.

I know some of you reading this might be pulling a face right now.


Why would anyone quit their job in an office to work from home, only to put themself back into an office environment??


Well, working in an organised quiet office environment can breed productivity, so a lot of remote workers opt to use a coworking space on their own terms. They are still working on their own projects.

Most coworkers work in creative industries or new media, with just over half of all coworkers being freelancers.
Because of this coworking spaces offer more just somewhere to work, they are a community. A place where you can meet like-minded digital nomads and share ideas.

As I explained in my article ‘How To Become a Digital Nomad‘, finding a good place to work can be one of the biggest struggles for a travelling worker.
Outdoor scenic locations might look amazing on paper, but they don’t offer electricity, wifi, heat regulation, privacy, protection from external elements and much more.

Coworking spaces can be held in an office, a specialised coffee shop or even converted abandoned buildings. They often provide all the essentials you could need, inluding desks, refreshments, even sometimes printing and stationery equipment.
Ultimately, they all serve the same purpose, somewhere to work productively, without isolation and to create a community.


coworking spaces the wanderlost biker
Coworking spaces can be less formal than a real office, but minimal enough to prevent distractions.


With more and more companies outsourcing their work to freelancers, and the massive increase in digital start-ups, coworking spaces are only going to become more and more popular.
If this sounds like the kind of future you would like to be a part of then check out my article here explaining how you can do it.

If you’re struggling to find your ideal work place in your city or on your travels, the best resource I have found is, they show an interactive map of all the coworking spaces around the world along with details and reviews for each.

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