Compact Tent Review – Coleman Celsius

Probably the most important thing to do when packing for a long motorcycle or hiking trip is to make sure you cut down on space and weight as much as possible.

A good rule of thumb is this; after you have laid out all your gear ready to pack, take only half of it and double the money in your wallet. You won’t go far wrong.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at the Coleman Celsius Compact Tent.

Coleman Celsius Compact Tent Review
The Coleman Celsius Compact Tent (Manufacturer Photo)

At less than £40 ($50) the Coleman Celsius Compact is on the budget end of the spectrum.
Suitable for two people, and with extra space for dirty boots and luggage this tent only weighs 3.1kg.

And to be honest, it feels a lot lighter.

The lighter feel may well be down to the main tent being packed tightly into a seperate bag to the poles and pegs. This is easily it’s greatest feature!

Seperating the bags leaves the option to distribute the weight across the bike evenly, providing that much needed balance on a motorcycle.
Optinally, the bags can also be fastened tightly together and the compression straps really help minimise the space they take up.
At 48 x 16 cm the Celsius Compact is easily smaller than the width of most bikes and even fits inside my Oxford luggage panniers if need be!

Coleman Celsius Compact Tent Review
Coleman Celsius Compact tent bag and compression straps (manufacturer photo)

Inside the easy pitch dome shaped tent you have plenty of room for two, along with extra porch space just inside of the very generous outer door.  The no-see-um mesh offers protection from bugs and the polyester flysheet provides very handy pockets for keeping essentials handy.

To Conclude.

My personal experience with this tent has been everything I wanted it to be.
I have used the Celsius Compact in unforgiving coastal winds, high altitudes in the Alps, pitch black evenings, and even the dreaded good ol’ British rain.

It never faultered or relented – not once.

For the price, you will be hard pressed to find something this reliable and compact.
A highly recommended tent for any price/space conscious traveller.

For more specifications and details, head over to the manufacturers product listing here.

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