The Best Time To Buy a Motorbike

You might have guessed already that the winter months are a bit of an off season for bikers everywhere. As the temperature starts to drop we have shorter days, lashings of rain and the dreaded black ice to contend with; amongst others.
It’s enough to put all but the most foolhardy bikers into hibernation.

With that said, buying a new bike will probably be the last thing on your mind this winter – but it really shouldn’t be! It’s actually the best time to snipe a deal on a new or used bike.

Why is winter the best time to buy a bike?

Spring is the start of biker season. Stone-faced ‘365 days a year’ riders and commuters are suddenly joined by a swarm of seasonal bikers and enthusiasts – and as such, the garages and dealerships fill up quicker than Tescos car park on Black Friday.
Everyone is taking their bikes in for servicing, everyone is updating their clobber, and some people are looking to get a shiny new bike for the summer.
All through the sunny months people are popping in and out of dealers while out on their weekly jaunts. That means money is coming in for the retailers, their doormats see a lot of action, and thus they have little reason to put any significant deals on. Bargains are hard to find.

During winter on the other hand, foot fall is short, the phones go cold, yet the wages and rates still need paying. Dealers need to find ways to keep the cash flow steady so they will entice people with special offers and try to make space for new season stock.


In a similar fashion, bike owners consider selling their bikes in the run up to winter as they don’t fancy leaving it sat for months. As we all know, leaving a bike sat unused is when a few problems can arise. A lot of people would just rather sell up, especially when Christmas is looming and putting a squeeze on their bank balance.

Another great advantage is you can spend some time getting the bike prepped for spring, either by yourself or at the much quieter garages.
So if you can, grab a bargain during winter and offer cash there and then for a reduced rate. Try your luck, they can only say no.


But wait, there are exceptions…

What happens when new models are released? How will that affect the right time to buy?
Let’s have a look.
One of the biggest events on the biker calendar is the NEC Shows. An event where new and updated models are showcased and the bike community starts gushing over the latest BMW, or as we saw in 2017, the stunning Royal Enfield Himalayan.

The influx of new toys obviously causes a stir within the dealerships and shakes the market up a little bit.
Suddenly people aren’t flocking to look at the outdated models at new bike dealers. Just like any upstanding family unit, the older sibling isn’t getting the attention they used to and are starting to look a little less appealing. They suddenly start taking up floor space that could be put to better use and the dealer will look to drop the price and sell while he still can.

This has a very different effect on the used bike market.
As people buy the new models they trade the old ones in, and the second hand dealers see a lot more of them on their floors. As with any market, a saturation of the same product will mean sellers start competing on price to make theirs stand out.
Sellers may try to sell their older models quickly before there are so many of them available second hand, that they decrease in value. When there are so many of them suddenly available you can afford to be picky and find the best one. Dealers know this so are likely to sell at attractive prices to stand out in the crowd.

Do you have any other tips on when is the best time to buy a bike?
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3 thoughts on “The Best Time To Buy a Motorbike

  • January 31, 2018 at 2:33 pm

    That is good to know that winter is the best time to buy a motorcycle because dealers make special offers and are trying to make space for new season stock. I know my husband really wants to buy a motorcycle. We will have to start looking around now and see what we can find. Thank you for the information!

  • April 24, 2018 at 9:51 am

    Building motorbike is not a few days project. As a result you must have to pay proper attention and dedication to build a motorbike as it will need some efforts and time.

  • November 10, 2018 at 12:17 am

    I like that you mentioned that it would be best to buy a motorcycle when there are a lot of them available at the same time. As you mentioned, it will give more types to choose from. I will share this tip with my brother since he plans to buy one. He told me that he wants a motorcycle over a car since the traffic in the city is quite unbearable these days. It will keep him from getting stuck.


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