About The Wanderlost Biker

WELL HERE WE ARE, I have finally decided to enter the wondrous world of blogging!
As the name suggests, I ride motorbikes and I love to get out and about – sometimes with no planned destination.

On this website I plan to share articles of interest, stories, tip, tricks, reviews, and how to’s of travel, motorcycles and working for yourself.

For me, nothing beats the thrill and freedom of travel, especially on two wheels, and I want to share my experiences and advice with you. I am also lucky enough to work from wherever I am (providing I have an internet connection) with my online business – www.perfectoprint.co.uk.


Wrorking Remotely Digital Nomad
Enjoying a Moroccan breakfast in Marrakech while I work.


Living the dream, right?

Maybe, it is pretty great, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows either.
It takes a lot of work to make a living from an online business, a lot of discipline, motivation, guts, research. Did I mention it takes a lot of hard work?

I’m certainly not trying to put anyone off doing it, hard work pays off and I believe anyone is capable.

There are countless ways and opportunities in this world to work for yourself, either from home or on the road, so along with travel tips, reviews and stories I want to offer advice that will help you on your road to being a ‘digital nomad’.

Right, let’s learn a little more about my background.

I’m Dave, 32 years young from the Northwest of England.
An avid traveller, a tattooed dirty biker, a lover of checkered shirts, a listener of rock music, a self employed digital nomad, a Philadelphia Flyers fan, an olive muncher.

So far I have travelled through a lot of Europe on motorbikes and explored much of my home country, including, Wales, Scotland, France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Spain.

I have navigated routes through The Alps and Pyreneese Mountains and spent some time working in my beloved Barcelona where I started my hobby of learning the Spanish language.

When I’ve not been travelling on two wheels I have visited America, Africa and been to numerous festivals and city breaks across Europe.


The Wanderlost Biker FZS Fazer 600
My Yamaha FZS 600 all loaded up at the Nurburgring. Ready for a long day in the rain riding to Frankfurt.


I have a lot of fantastic trips in the works, and I plan to share as many memories, stories, videos, pictures, tips and advice as possible.

Hopefully see you on the road!

The Wanderlost Biker